Screenplay - Historical / Western

Wes Corbin, an angry and feared gunfighter, hunts long-lost father he believes had his half-breed mother killed, finds treachery and betrayal, redemption, love, and deadly, violent conflict as the truth unfolds. (In production 2/12 w Larry Levinson)   WG#: 633268

Complete Synopsis:
Wes Corbin, gunfighter with a dark reputation, believes his long-lost father abandoned them before he was born, and now he believes his father has had Wes' half-breed mother murdered. In 1883, Wes, in tracking his father, charges into a violent range war fueled by the evil wife of his father as he discovers a half-brother and a difficult and testy stepsister. As Wes learns the truth from a hermit and interaction with his discovered family, he finds redemption and love.
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