Update 03/01/2023:

It was a real honor for True West Magazine's Best of the West January issue to name me Best Western Historical novelist and Pearl Hart & the Violent Men to be best novel.

Pearl Hart & the Violent Men

True West Award 2023

Update 12/20/2022:

Western Writers of America's December issue of Roundup Magazine (2022) carries Lee Martin's one page interview.


Reviewer R. G. Yoho, WESTERN VIDEO column wrote: "I was pleasantly surprised."

He added: "Had I known that Lee Martin wrote the screenplay for the Western Heritage Wrangler Award winning Shadow on the Mesa (2013), I would've been less skeptical."

He praised many of the actors in both films and also wrote, "As a lover of Western films, I highly recommend Last Shoot Out and Desperate Riders. They are a couple of smaller films that would have stood tall with big studio budgets."

He added:  "I will be eagerly looking for anything written by Lee Martin. A combination of the genre's expected archetypes and some unexpected twists make Martin's work outstanding."

R.G. Yoho, ROUNDUP MAGAZINE December 2022

Update 12/20/2022:

TRUE WEST MAGAZINE, BEST OF THE WEST, annual January issue for 2023: Readers' Choice for Best Novel and Novelist:


Update 9/19/2022:

Lee Martin's latest novel coming November, 2022:

"Chance Donovan, a U.S. Deputy Marshal and former Texas Ranger, having to deal with his own secret past as well as the vengeful and deadly Boxer gang among others, has a yen for Pearl Hart, a feisty suffragette with an abusive husband. When it all comes together, only a few will survive the deadly climax."

Update 6/21/2022:

I was recently interviewed with a photo in True West online and in the magazine! Check out the online version here:  https://truewestmagazine.com/article/lee-martin/.

True West Magazine

Update 3/12/2022:

Have you seen THE DESPERATE RIDERS yet? I'm so proud of it. It's online and on demand. DVD in April.

Update 1/5/2022:

New Western Movie by Lee Martin: THE DESPERATE RIDERS, to be released February 25, 2022, about the same time as the novel. Trailer now seen on UTube as DesperateRidersMovie. DVD will be in April.

Update 10/25/2021:

Coming on DVD, online streaming and select theaters December 3,2021, written by Lee Martin and based on Lee's novel The Siege at Rhyker's Station.

Update 10/15/2021:

The movie based on my novel THE SIEGE AT RHYKER'S STATION is coming out as LAST SHOOT OUT. Still shows Lee Martin as screenwriter.

Release date for LAST SHOOT OUT is December 3, 2021. It will have limited theatrical release, but it will also be streaming online such as Prime Video. It will be on DVD

Update 2/19/2021:

25 Western novels by Lee Martin are now available on Amazon. 35 screenplays by Lee Martin, mostly Westerns, are listed with InkTip.com and available to industry professionals. THE SIEGE AT RHYKER'S STATION should be out on DVD soon. THE DESPERATE RIDERS is filming in Tennessee this week!

Update 12/4/2020:

All 23 traditional Western novels by Lee Martin are now online at Amazon in paperback and e-book, with most of them also in large print. Many are on audio with Books in Motion. Lee's first scripted movie, the highly rated SHADOW ON THE MESA with Kevin Sorbo, was also based on Lee's novel. Lee's next two screenplays being made into movies are being filmed this fall and winter and directed by Michael Feifer. THE SEIGE AT RHYKER'S STATION has completed photography and THE DESPERATE RIDERS will begin in January. Expect to see them on DVD by spring.



Believing his sweetheart to have died in a stage robbery, Ben Hawks quits the Texas Rangers to track the killers.  Year after year, he becomes a legend in song and story with his fast gun, but he learns the painful truth when he joins a former outlaw and the man's sharpshooting niece in a wild climax in a final shootout."  

Five Star Publishing, December 2019 


Now Available On Amazon.com! Click Here To Buy Now!

Sam Jeffries' wife left him and then promptly up and died. Everyone believes he was to blame. Now, despite Ike Ramsey, who rules this part of western Colorado, Sam must save Ike's daughter-in-law from a hanging.

Sam, a grumpy ex-lawman, finds the fugitive Lorena and her mute son, Asa, in desperate need of help.

Lorena had married Ike’s son, Hoag. As soon as he showed his true, brutal nature, she shot Hoag, took Asa, and ran. Sam knows that Ike and his harpy of a wife, Emma, won’t stop until they’ve caught and punished Lorena. Sam is the only one who can protect them as they travel south to meet Lorena’s family in Texas.

The three put in their lots with two old army scouts and a roguish gambler. As the group travels through the badlands, Sam will find out that he may have put his trust in the wrong people. As Ike, his vicious wife, sons, and hired guns dog them at every turn, Sam, Lorena, and Asa will all have to outwit and outrun their pursuers.


Lee writes full time in ALL GENRES but has a background in traditional Westerns. SHADOW ON THE MESA, based on Lee's script, has been produced by Larry Levinson. SHADOW ON THE MESA stars Kevin Sorbo, Gail O'Grady, Wes Brown, Meredith Baxter and Barry Corbin, and premiered on the Hallmark Movie Channel March 23, 2013 with 2nd highest ratings.   


"Hallmark Movie Channel's 2013 ratings momentum continues, with the Saturday, March 23 premiere of SHADOW ON THE MESA garnering a 1.1 household rating with nearly 1.1 million unduplicated viewers. The fourth movie in the network's expanded slate of 10 original movies for 2013, "Shadow on the Mesa" replaces "Our Wild Hearts" as the 2nd highest rated and 2nd most watched original movie in network history among households and total viewers."

The movie also won the prestigious WRANGLER AWARD given by the NATIONAL COWBOY & WESTERN HERITAGE MUSEUM in Oklahoma City for the best television Western movie.

SHADOW ON THE MESA was released on DVD December 17, 2013 and sales at many websites such as AMAZON are still impressive.  Viewers are commenting to AMAZON with great reviews of the movie.  It should be noted that the DVD has no music interference with voices as had been experienced by certain television broadcast stations.  

 The unpublished novel on which Lee based the screenplay is slated to be published in hard cover by FIVE STAR PUBLISHING, a part of GALE, in late October or early November, 2014.  When ordering the hard copy of the novel SHADOW ON THE MESA, use this number MN_131SBN and #9781432829629.  When ordering the E Book addition,  it's MN_1315BN  and # 9781432829759.    More details @


Lee concentrates on original screenplays, but Lee's publishing credits include 17 Western novels (5 on audio) and 42 short stories in various genre. Lee has one novel Valley of the Lawless now on E Book with www.Lachesispublishing.com.  Lee has written many other screenplays in a variety of genre, including action/adventure, romantic comedy, family, fantasy, and Westerns/Historicals. Lee's available scripts are on InkTip.com where industry professionals can view them for free and without contact by writers. Lee is a long time member of Western Writers of America.

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