Screenplay - Adventure / Suspense
The anxious ghost of a WWI hero follows his son through prohibition, the depression, two wars and a fight with mobsters over his son's childhood sweetheart. WG#: 655917 - can be expanded to a mini series

Complete Synopsis:
Sergeant Smith takes out a machine gun nest at St. Mihiel battlefield in France in 1918. He returns to care for his motherless son Joe on their dying farm in the Midwest. He soon dies of his wounds but has left his son a legacy of heroism, which Joe is desperate to follow. Smith returns as a ghost no one can see and whose only powers are to create wind with his hands, which he uses to help Joe.

Joe must struggle with his cousin Charlie, whose father has taken the farm away from Joe. Charlie gets Joe into trouble, from school pranks to running whiskey for the Torino crime family.

Tony Torino, a classmate in the one room school, is the son of a hit man. Tony claims Susie, the school sweetheart, who's being blackmailed into marriage.

Joe and Charlie run off to Chicago, get into more trouble running numbers after Charlie kills someone, then split.

Charlie goes to work for Tony, while Joe goes to work in California for the CCC. With a new friend Slim, Joe soon joins the army in W.W.II, fighting in the Philippines on Corregidor and then as a guerrilla. His father is there to follow him. On his return, Joe is awarded the Medal of Honor.

On the GI Bill, Joe becomes an engineer and ends up fighting in Korea, winning more honors. On return, he tries to see Susie, whose husband Tony is in jail, but is stopped by his cousin Charlie, who is now a hit man for Tony's family.

In 1955, Joe (now in his mid 30s) helps Susie escape the coastal mansion. They hide in Slim's isolated cabin in the Sierras.

Charlie and six others track them down. They try to kill Joe and take Susie, but Joe has an escape plan through a mine shaft. He and Susie leave the burning house through the cellar and a tunnel, leaving three of the men in booby traps. They escape to a raft on a river, then slip off to get to a forestry lookout and a CB radio.

At the lookout, Charlie and three of the men try to get to Joe. Tony, in his helicopter, buzzes the tower.

Every time Joe tries to get on the platform to keep the killers from climbing up, the helicopter fires at him.

Joe sees his life coming full circle.
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