Screenplay - Historical / Western

Young Eli Cole is on a vengeance trail when he's transformed by a badge, law books, another man's woman, and a sudden wish to live in the face of his last, deadly showdown.   WG#:680588

Complete Synopsis:
In 1876, Eli Cole has been on the vengeance trail for ten years. The last man is Cassidy, who hides out in disguise at Yellow Creek. A bitter man called the "hunter", Eli stumbles into Kline, a sneaky U.S. Marshal who pins a badge on him. Tossed into a fight between good and evil, miners and the town, Eli discovers he is the man Kline wants him to be. He also falls for Cassidy's woman. The showdown may be his "dead man's walk" because not only is he after another man's woman, but for the first time in ten years, Eli is desperate to stay alive. 
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