Screenplay - Family / Fantasy

Brave Mickey (11) runs away from the crowded family farm to rescue Judy (10), an orphan kept in a cellar by her greedy aunt, takes up with a junkyard pup, and heads for the mountains where her hermit uncle has a goldmine. WG#: 793476 

Complete Synopsis:
Mickey's frantic mother, Molly, and his worried brothers are visited by Finnigan, a lonely deputy sheriff who falls for Molly.

Mickey encounters Dumpy, a mongrel hanging out at the dumps and stealing lunches from the nearby highway workers, especially Big Charlie. Dumpy has a squeaky kid's voice, in voice-over.

Mickey and Judy ride at night and sleep by day. Dumpy goes with them and learns to fetch. Mickey overhears the thugs' murder plans. The thugs have an unhappy encounter with a skunk.

Mickey, Judy and Dumpy run into a tramp, who chases them. In a watermelon patch where Mickey tries to borrow a melon, a huge dog (old man voice-over) chases them, with Dumpy trying to turn it back. Dumpy escapes as a shotgun blasts.

At the barren Walker farm, where Dumpy encounters his first cow (woman's voice-over), they come on Anna Walker, a widow who had to sell. She believes their story and takes them to the mountains.

At Uncle Roy's hidden goldmine. Dumpy makes friends with Hotdog, a dachshund with a teenager's voice-over. Judy's uncle fights with Anna, then is smitten. Finnigan's sheriff posse is on its way.

Aunt Margaret and the bad guys close in on Roy's hidden cabin and toss old dynamite with a burning fuse. Dumpy, now trained to fetch, with Hotdog waddling along behind, fetches it back to them and runs for safety. The explosion incapacitates the bad guys.

In Gold Hill, Molly and her other sons arrive to claim Mickey, who is hailed a hero. Anna and Roy plan to marry and return to the farm with Judy. Molly and Finnigan appear headed the same direction.

At the same time, Big Charlie drives up to the one-pump gas station in the state highway truck and runs for the rest room, while Dumpy runs for his lunch. Charlie chases him, only to learn he belongs to the "lost kids", and Charlie succumbs to the wonder of it.
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