Screenplay - Historical / Western

An army of outlaws descends on a town and jail defended by a handful of men and women while time runs out. WG#: pending  

Complete Synopsis:
When four members of the Servati Gang rob the Mule Creek bank, the sheriff, his son and others are badly wounded. Billy Servati is captured by Leslie, the sheriff's daughter. Joe Servati is brought in by the black smithy, Jackson.

Into the prairie cow town rides Hang Cassidy, who has been on the trail of the gang since they had burned the town of Rimrock, leaving only a few alive.

Cassidy joins forces with Leslie, Jackson and a very few others as the town fears the gang of forty or more will arrive and murder them all. Her brother Dusty is soon well enough to help.

Critical is the Friday noon arrival of the jail wagon with a dozen or more deputies, sent for by urgent telegraph. As the calendar ticks away and outlaws filter in, panic arises.Cassidy takes more prisoners.

Thursday night, Rafe Servati and his men fill the alleys and back streets.

Friday morning as the clock ticks away, men are dying on both sides. Hostages are shot in front of the jail.

Cassidy has sent most of the women and children out of town, but three beside Leslie remain and in great danger as hostages.

By the time the marshal arrives, many dead lie in the street and fighting continues until the violent climax.
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