Screenplay - Historical / Western

In 1876, Captain Steele's lonely supply post is plagued by a martinet Major, a testy Irish spinster, the major's daughter, lovesick officers, and the half-crazed but wily Chiricahua, Cayote, who is after Steele with a vengeance, while Sgt. Jackson, a relentless buffalo soldier, stirs the action and has the Indian sign on Cayote.    WG#: 769378   buffalo soldier, stirs the action and has the Indian sign on Cayote.

Complete Synopsis:

In 1877 Arizona Territory, Captain Colby Steele's lonely supply post is invaded by a martinet Major Haslett and his troop, while Cayote, a half-crazed but devious Chiricahua, who killed Steele's wife on a raid years earlier, has left the reservation and lurks in the hills.

Major Haslett races into the fort with some of Cayote's men after him. With him are his sister-in-law Eileen O'Neill, a testy spinster, and his daughter Priscilla, who sets the lieutenants in a whirl.

Sgt. Jackson, a top buffalo soldier, left to die at the fort, is recovering. Cayote has killed Jackson twice, but each time, Jackson comes back to life. Jackson, an expert scout, has the Indian sign on the superstitious Cayote. Jackson carries his own grudge.

Steele and Jackson met in the Civil War when Steele was a sergeant. They have a rapport where they share memories, the need to stop Cayote, and their struggles on the frontier.

The ambitious Haslett leaves the women with Steele and heads out to cut Cayote off from the trail to Mexico. Eileen fights with Steele, who spends his alone time conversing with the memory of his wife.

Major Haslett, tracking Cayote, is tricked and pinned down in a canyon, his troop badly hit. He sends his white scout for help to Fort Supply. Cayote lets the rider through.

When Steele and his men, aided by Jackson, arrive to save Haslett's troop, the wily Cayote has already left with most of his men. Cayote slips back and overruns the supply post. Cayote escapes with the women, expecting the hated Steele to follow into his ambush.

Geronimo, having heard of Cayote's big medicine, joins Cayote until they attack a supply train. Geronimo discovers Cayote is a crazed leader. When Steele's command arrives to save the supply train, Geronimo slips out and heads for Mexico. Cayote escapes, sends a few men with the women, into the hills, hangs back to ambush Steele.

Steele sends his troop to escort the supply train. With Jackson and 2 others, he slips past Cayote and over to the Apache camp to rescue the women. Steele can no longer resist the difficult Eileen. Priscilla captures the heart of the lieutenant she loves.

Cayote is soon on their trail. Steele outsmarts the wily Cayote and catches him in an ambush. A fight to the death ensues between Steele and Cayote with Jackson springing into the mix. Steele and his party survive. Yet Steele and Jackson know the frontier will be the same for many years to come. 
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