Screenplay - Adventure / Suspense
A soured undercover agent romances a racketeer's wife, flees her deadly wrath, and hides on a mountain sheep ranch with his old sergeant and the sergeant's daughter, where he finds hope for himself, as killers close in for the finish.  WG#: 710867

Complete Synopsis:
Working undercover as aide to a racketeer for more than 10 years,including sleeping with the man's icy wife to obtain evidence, Ben Matthews presents his file to the Feds and goes into a safe house until the first hearing. Ben is bitter and hates women. The racketeers are arrested, but the man's wife is out for bloody revenge because she fears when her husband learns of her past indiscretions, she will be murdered, or worse, penniless.

Killers invade the safe house. Ben decides he can do better on his own and takes off with Cross,a detective. He plans to go to a mountain ridge to hide out with his old army sergeant, knowing the man lives alone on a sheep ranch and has little outside contact. He knows there is a gold mine Sarge could never find.

Cross turns out to be paid off and tries to kill Ben. Ben kills him on the winding mountain road andburies him. He realizes now that conversation in the bugged Jeep included his "old sarge on a mountain ridge", but no more. He knows they could track Sarge down whether he goes there or not,so he has no choice.

Arriving at the sheep ranch, he finds Sarge and Sarge's widowed daughter Susan, who refuses to leave as she's avoiding the rat race and an ardent suitor.

Ben gets involved in handling sheep in comic episodes. He begins to realize all women are not so bad.She even defends the sheep against a predatory mountain lion. A huge "lion dog" adds to the small group. Ben starts to fall in love. Hidden treasure turns out to be "sweating" dynamite from the lost goldmine.

Thugs start arriving in Redfield, the small valley town, but learn nothing from the suspicious residents.Land maps do lead them to the mountain. The first two are killed right off. The next invasion is full scale with a deadly helicopter.Ben, Sarge and Susan fight for their lives with the aid of the young Game Warden who happens into the struggle. The use of the dynamite stashed in an old outhouse, to down the helicopter, reveals the lost gold mine underneath.

After the trial in which Ben's affair with the vicious wife of the racketeer is exposed, she flees the country.Ben returns home to start a new life with Susan and the old Sarge.
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