Screenplay - Romantic Comedy

When Ellie's schemes to protect his fortune collide with her grandfather's schemes to marry her off, it leads to dangerous romance.   WG#: PENDING

Complete Synopsis:
Ellie's romance with Peter Rockwell, a surface charmer but sinister attorney, is put on hold when her grandfather tricks her into going to his mountain cabin for a week.

Believing Adam Smith, a currency trader invited to the cabin, is out to fleece her grandfather of his fortune, Ellie is forced to leave Peter to go to the cabin. Her plan is to make a fool of the city slicker Adam and lead him right down the garden path.

Peter sends Bruno, his ex-boxer bodyguard, to make sure no one gets close to her.Meanwhile, her sly grandfather has also invited her former love, Ronnie, to the cabin, hoping to mix them up again. He coaches Adam to look foolish so Ronnie will look good.

There is no electricity at the cabin. Cell phones do not work in the area.Adam looks foolish, trying to cast in the river, much to Ellie's delight. He falls, pulls her in with him. He fails at archery.

But when it comes to the pistol and rifle range, he's an expert and can't resist showing off.

She canoes the rapids with Ronnie and Adam. The rising river becomes dangerous.

Ronnie loses an oar, falls out, swims to shore.Adam and Ellie ride the rapids with Adam's oar, survive but must trek days through the forest with no food or shelter from the rain.

Adam returns to the city with a broken hand. Ellie now learns that Adam's visit was all a ruse to get her back with Ronnie.But Ronnie turns the tails on all of them.

Meanwhile, Peter has some pretty shady clients and calls on them to punish Adam for being alone with her.Question arises, who is leading who down the garden path?
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