Screenplay - Historical / Western

Grumpy ex-lawman, who detests women, escorts a feisty, fugitive widow and her temporarily mute son on a wild ride from a family of killers through Apache country.   WG#: 695280

Complete Synopsis:
In 1878, Sam Jeffries, a shot up, beat up, disgruntled fired lawman in Western Colorado, is roped into escorting a fugitive Lorena Ramsey, who has killed her husband to protect her mute son. With the help of two old army scouts and a crooked gambler, Sam leads a wild ride south through Apache country. The powerful Ramseys are on their trail every step of the way. Sam and his party fight off Ramsey gunmen and Apaches in the red desert and mountains. When Lorena is alone with the gambler, her son is forced to shoot him to protect her and regains his voice. The gambler survives, tracks her back to Sam, who kills him. Once they reach New Mexico Territory and the Texas Trail, the Ramseys close in for the kill in Little River, but Sam wins the battle, marries Lorena, and heads for Texas.
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