Lee Martin writes in all genres, but has a background in traditional Westerns. Lee's father, who was part Cherokee, worked on various cattle ranches in the early years. The family soon settled on their own cattle ranch and also began to participate in rodeos, amateur and professional.

Lee started writing in the third grade. In high school, stories were written inside the covers of class notebooks. Over the years, Lee sold forty-two short stories, most of them Westerns, to various magazines. One of Lee's short stories is the basis for a romantic-comedy screenplay. AVALON BOOKS published Lee's first novel, Dead Man's Walk, followed by 16 more traditional, action Westerns (1990-1994). These novels are now in large print, with 5 on audio with Books in Motion. Some are now also screenplays. One, Valley of the Lawless, is now on E Books with Lachesi Publishing.

Lee was unable to attend college and ended up in business. But later, entered night law school via a college equivalency exam and passed the California Bar. Lee was a practicing attorney in California for some time, but left that field to become a full time writer. To enter the Hollywood Market, Lee connected with the late Jack Thompson, veteran producer of 40 years in movies and TV, including Stagecoach remake, and he then had packaged several of Lee's scripts, including one with Burt Kennedy to direct.

Larry Levinson has produced the feature Western SHADOW ON THE MESA, based on Lee's script, with Kevin Sorbo, Gail O'Grady and Wes Brown, to be shown on the Hallmark Movie Channel March 23, 2013.

Lee's screenplays include action/suspense, fantasy, kids' adventure, romantic comedy, in addition to Westerns/historicals and others. Other interests include 35mm photography and free-hand painting of animals and Native Americans.

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