Screenplay - Historical / Western

An idealistic young lawyer and a fearless newspaper woman evade a hatchet killer and thwart an evil law firm's plans to assassinate former president Grant in 1880 Colorado. (Available Feature Length or as an Epic in 2 parts)    WG#: 614721

Complete Synopsis:
Because he saved Grant's life in the War, Matt Tyler, a young lawyer is invited West to join an evil law firm and draw Grant into the web. When three law clerks are murdered, he stumbles on the plot to kill Grant. An emissary from Grant is also murdered. Danger lurks in a nearby mining camp populated by former Confederates.

Two of the lawyers in the law firm, former Confederates, want to punish Grant, not for the War, but for his having dumped gold on the market when they were conspiring with Fisk to corner the gold market. They lost their fortunes and only recovered with money from the third partner, a former Union officer.

With the help of a young newspaper woman, a black Civil War veteran, an elderly lawyer, and two hard rock miners, Matt attempts to thwart the assassination. A wife of one of the evil partners is unfaithful, but loyal to Grant, and triggers a murder. The story climaxes in a riot between factions.

(Based in part on an actual event)
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