Screenplay - Historical / Western

An embittered Colby Dancer tracks murderers to an outlaw valley, finds a desperate woman rancher in their path, a testy black smithy who reluctantly comes to his aid, and a new unexpected yearning for survival as he rides to a deadly conclusion.   WG#: 617869

Complete Synopsis:
In 1877 New Mexico Territory, Colby Dancer, who tracks rustlers, learns his mother was killed in a bank robbery. The gang included Billy Keo, who was unmasked, and the half-scalped Mickey Keo. The killer was the leader, Texas Pike.

Colby tracks the gang north but soon loses their trail. In an express robbery, Billy Keo is killed. In Billy's pocket is a bank draft for a ranch in Dead Man's Creek, an outlaw hangout in Montana Territory. The sheriff turns the draft over to Colby, who is back on the trail.

Colby arrives in Dead Man's Creek, looking for Keos. He delivers the bank draft to the Ramsey Ranch where Melina Ramsey awaits the return of her husband. He suspects two of her hands were in on the express robbery where Billy was killed.

Colby is temporarily distracted by her troubles, but his mission is still driving him forward. The outlaws set out to be rid of Colby and to take over the Ramsey Ranch. The fight unmasks Pike.

With the help of a black smithy, Colby tracks the abducted Melina and faces the killer of his mother in a deadly showdown.
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