Screenplay - Historical / Western

KANSAS GRANGE: Kansas Grange is a gunfighter-preacher with a mysterious past which rises up to force him into a dangerous rescue mission.   WG#: 6834429

Complete Synopsis:
After the War Between the States, a man emerges as Kansas Grange, a preacher-gunfighter, so fast on the draw, he becomes a legend. His mysterious past drives him.

In 1878, Kansas' life is turned upside down when Silas Cavell's teenage son Randy comes looking for him. Silas, having recognized Kansas on the cover of dime novels, needs help.

When they arrive at the Cavell ranch, they are too late. Silas and other men are dead from a raid by Thorn Larson, a bad man from out of the past. He and other vicious men carry off Silas' wife Carol, her sister Leslie, and a rancher's wife. The posse loses them in the mountains.

Kansas, Randy, and old man Finnegan, who knows the mountains, head out on a rescue mission. Leslie escapes when one of the outlaws carries her into the woods to ravish her. She later finds Kansas and his party on the trail.

Leslie, from Texas, rides and shoots better than most men. As the party heads west, they find the body of the rancher's wife, an army payroll wagon where men were killed, and many deadly locations where the trail takes them.

They soon learn that Carol and Larson have married. They run into firefights with many outlaws guarding the back trail. Pick up a deputy sheriff along the way. They close in, day by day, on the trail of Larson and his gang, not knowing if they can save Carol. Revealing the truth about everyone's past. And Randy's true heritage. If they survive the final, bloody fight.# 832439
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