Screenplay - Historical / Western

After the battle of the Washita, a spooked, lonely mountain man finds hope and renewed faith when he marries a pregnant woman to protect her from outlaw killers, while his Cheyenne enemy awaits.  WG#: 646829

Complete Synopsis:
Jason Vernal, mountain man and loner, finding himself spooked by the dead, gives up scouting in 1868, after the bloody battle on the Washita River. He returns to the Rockies but is saddled with an orphan boy and with a pregnant bride, who is hiding from an outlaw. The outlaws carry her and her newborn away and leave Jason and the orphan boy for dead. Jason and the boy track them to the Medicine Bows where Jason's Cheyenne enemy, who enjoys getting even, and the outlaws, all collide with Jason to a violent finish.
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