Screenplay - Historical / Western

Elena and her cousin, a government agent, try to identify a preacher in 1879 Wyoming Territory as a traitor and the man who murdered her sister, while dangerous men interfere.   WG#: 762968

Complete Synopsis:
In 1879, an agent is killed seeking a traitor named Bannister, who may still be alive in Wyoming Territory. The agent's cousin Elena, whose sister died in a fire while married to Bannister, is along to identify him as possibly being a flamboyant preacher named Bowes. She escapes the killers and is found by Sam Justice, a lawyer. He takes her as a client but ends up also representing Bowes who is wrongly charged with a local murder, forcing Sam into a conflict of interest. Bowes (Bannister) doesn't recognize her. She isn't sure of him. Dangerous men protect Bowes, who secretly runs a cattle company that buys stolen cattle. When Bowes is convicted, the killers break him out of jail, take Elena, and head for the Medicine Bows, where, surrounded by marauding Cheyenne, Elena learns the truth.
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