Screenplay - Historical / Western

A grieving Ben Hawks quits the Texas Rangers after his fiancé Laura dies in a stage robbery, but in a dangerous valley, is forced to change his heart when he learns she is alive, in disguise, and rich.   WG#: 617649

Complete Synopsis:
Ben Hawk quits the Texas Rangers when he learned his fiance Laura had been killed in a stage coach robbery by the outlaw Brian Avery and his gang. Ben hunted the killers for three years without success until he received word from a lawman in Carmody, New Mexico Territory.

While seeking the truth about a dead Larabee ranch hand, Ben is caught up in the hostility between the Larabees and the Kendalls, unaware the widowed Vera Kendall wants Ben dead and buried because she is Laura in disguise. The lovely Roxanna Larabee, is courted by most of the men in the valley, including Chandler Strong, who may be Avery.

Mescalero Apaches strike an escape trail through the Larabee ranch, and when Ben is forced into a gunfight with the Pecos Kid and survives, the Kendalls bring in the killer Dejado.

Whether Ben can stay alive long enough to learn the truth about his murdered fiancé and the mysterious Vera Kendall, Ben isn't sure, but when the Avery gang is unmasked and Roxanna is abducted, he knows it's a fight to the end.

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